Washington, D.C.

Name: Jordan Elise Hubbard

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Major, School: Psychology & Child and Family Studies, College of Science and Arts







Currently, I am 19 years old and in my junior year at Syracuse University. Very involved in campus life, I am the Vice President of the Psychology Club and a dancer in Orange Pulse Dance Troupe. I am a pescatarian and my zodiac sign is a cancer. I am a Black woman, a feminist, an environmental activist, and very politically active. Growing up, I was raised in a two-parent household, had two brothers, a dog, a guinea pig, and many fish. In addition, I love to travel and thus far, I have been to 11 states and 2 continents. Presently, I work two jobs: a retail sales associate at the Gap, and an event/technical services employee at Schine Student Center.

My passion for fine and performing arts began the day I was born. My mom always sung to my brothers and I growing up, played music aloud to us, took us to plays and museums and circuses. Ever since I was 5 years old, I have been a dancer. Beginning with tap and ballet dancing, I have since dabbled in everything from stepping, hip hop, modern dance, line dance, jazz dance, belly dance, and Latin dance. Now, I continue to do what I love and currently dance both tap and hip hop in Syracuse University’s Orange Pulse Dance Troupe. Furthermore, I also played the clarinet for 10 years. Today, I still pursue my love for singing, music, photography, and film along with dance.

I believe the only time we stop growing is when we stop learning. Thus, the importance of writing about art is for translation and communication. Writing gives everything a sense of meaning, turns fleeting thoughts into concrete permanent ideas, and provides archives/records for history. It allows you to take on a fresh perspective, and either view the art in a similar or contrasting way than someone else’s interpretation. Depending on a person’s age, gender, race, political ideology, life experiences, and current situation, they will each take a unique perspective on an art encounter and it is imperative to share and express it.

The Big Island, Hawaii
Paris, France
Washington, D.C.